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Meet The Face and Heart
Behind The Brand.

Hi Hi, Nicole here and I love nursing! I think the original caring seed, unknowingly to me, was planted in my heart by God then watered by my mother and my grandmother. I say that because I truly have a gift and caring for people comes naturally to me. College was always an expected thing of me since a child but what I would focus on when I got there came with time. Growing up, I wanted most to be a teacher. One grade school teacher of mine predicted I would become a university professor.  A pretty specific prediction if you ask me but did she see those leadership, teaching qualities in me already as a child?! Maybe so, or a best guess. I did appreciate the confidence she had in me nonetheless. Now looking back, I could not picture myself being a teacher (unless it was in nursing education) nor working with children at all, I just have a soft spot in my heart for the aging population. My grandmother and grandfather both on my mothers side were nurses. I like to think, although I can not ask them now, that they both would be very proud of the nurse and person I am today.


I fell into the rehabilitation speciality of nursing quite by accident. I decided to stay with it because I began to truly enjoy the work I was doing. Twelve years later, I am still here in the specialty loving my work. I feel very comfortable and confident in the setting solidified hopefully soon by getting nurse certified in rehabilitation. I want to build a community that enhances positivity, encourages productivity and strengthens confidence at work.  My hope is to also shine a positive spotlight on this challenging sometimes misunderstood speciality.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Florida Gulf Coast University with a post graduate focus in rehabilitation. No, I am not talking about drug rehab. I am actually speaking of the extensive care a person may receive recovering from various spinal cord injuries, traumatic and non traumatic brain injuries, complex orthopedic injuries, sepsis, plus so much more. The patients get 24 hour nursing care plus pretty aggressive therapy during the day. I have seen it all working in many long term care settings as well as working in more sub-acute and acute inpatient rehab settings. Even if I haven't seen it I bet you I will be able to handle the situation with grace because of the experience I have learned over the years and I want the same for you!

On this site you will find my best advice, my best tools for success plus practical thoughtful concepts and ideas that have worked for me. I will be sharing tips on communication, delegation and time management. All of my blog posts and documents are made with the best nursing practices in mind. All of the blog posts, photos and documents are original and of my own creation. Any documents here DO NOT replace those policies and procedures at your work institution.  I want success for you and hopefully the information seen here will increase your knowledge, encourage you to listen to other ideas, encourage you to try new things, and ultimately enhance your positivity, productivity and confidence at work.

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