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Product Review: Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Women’s Work and Utility Sneaker

Furuian Steel Toe Shoes are Lightweight Indestructible Work Sneakers for Women Puncture Proof Comfortable Slip On Safety Shoes for Industrial Construction

First Impressions

I loved the electric blue color I ordered, fast shipping and I liked the positive encouraging words written on the side. The sneakers say "DO THE BEST" and I kept them. I totally wore the first pair out and I'm about to be on pair number three. Not too shabby, not too shabby at all.

In this nursing profession, where I spend up to twelve hours sometimes on my feet, good sneakers are a necessity. Quality I'm willing to pay for but it's also nice to have a lower priced sneaker option in the mix. I always know when it's time for new sneakers because my feet start to hurt so bad at work. With majority of goods being bought/sold online, it's sort of a nuisance for me to buy work sneakers nowadays. Doing what seems like hours of research, reading of reviews, looking at pictures and looking at prices it is always a process. The worst part is not being able to try the shoe on prior to purchase and therefore tying up money for days in the return process. Ugh so frustrating!

Shoe Details

Everything is quick linked below and I earn a small commission when items are purchased from my storefront. This sneaker comes in many different color options. They are made out of a lightweight woven material which is very breathable. The sneakers are imported with a steel toe and a nice rubber sole. Described as the latest in advance design to provide the customer the most suitable cushioning for the feet. As far as work goes, safety first! Furuian safety shoes use the European standard steel cap that goes beyond the standard, you won't have to worry about injury to your feet as long as you wear these steel toe non-slip shoes. Also with some arch support, these sneakers will give you a comfortable all day wear.  

Pros and Cons


  • Each Pair of Sneakers has had about 4 months of wear so far before purchasing another pair

  • Cost - $50 or less

  • Great Color Options

  • Large Selection of Sizes

  • Lightweight Material

  • Steel Toe

  • Motivational Phrase on the side

  • Arch Support

  • Fast Shipping with Amazon


  • Each Pair of Sneakers has had about 4 months of wear so far before purchasing another pair

  • They squeak at work when I walk sometimes (As do other brands)

The Final Thoughts.

Yes! Get them, get the shoes! I've gotten so many compliments about these sneakers already and I hope you love them too! You really can't beat the quality for the price point and I am here for it.

Side Note: Catch these sneakers when they are on SALE!! (Once I paid $40.)

Please leave a comment, and share your experience with me!

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Christine Foiles
Christine Foiles
Aug 27, 2023

Thank you for the review! Will be purchasing a pair 👏🏼

Nicole Rhodes
Nicole Rhodes
Aug 28, 2023
Replying to

Awesome! Let me know what color you choose lol 👌🏾


Shayla Kinsey
Shayla Kinsey
Aug 26, 2023

Great review! I have these shoes as well and I love them! I got them for $20 with a promo code. I’ve definitely gotten my monies worth!

Nicole Rhodes
Nicole Rhodes
Aug 28, 2023
Replying to

Thank you and I love to see it! 🫶🏾


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