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Rehabilitation Nurse Blog Coming Soon

Sky Palms

Thank you for checking back! The meat and potatoes of this site is coming soon. I am still working on lots in the background but ultimately you have come to the right place. This is where the main blog posts will be located. You will be able to click through all archived blogs easily with keywords plus shop on the site for digital downloads, stickers, merchandise and more. I am active on social media so please follow on Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, and/or Twitter in order to keep up with new blogs, products launch and beautiful pictures of FL.

I have been a nurse for ten plus years now, I can't believe it! Nursing school feels like it was just yesterday at the same time as it does not, so weird. As I was getting closer to my ten year nursing anniversary, I realized that I needed to pull the trigger on ideas jotted down in my phone and the valuable experiences I can share. Experience, perspective, knowledge and finesse that is unique, it is also what keeps changing and growing. You will find my best advice here, my best tips and tools for you to be successful on the job and beyond. You will also find personal stories of faith, strength, and compassion. We are critical thinkers building the foundations of positivity, productivity, and confidence in life starting at work. We do good work and do no harm. It's a vibe.

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I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing from Florida Gulf Coast University with a post graduate focus in rehabilitation. I am currently working on my Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse Certification (CRRN).  

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