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Thank you Grandma Cherry!

This is my maternal grandmother and such a doll she was. I credit some of my attitude plus all of my compassion to her. She was the nurse in the family growing up but it didn’t hit me until I was older how much of an impact she really had on me, career wise. I loved and admired her, still do of course. I didn’t get a chance to tell her that unfortunately because I was in college when she passed away, still young minded not yet a nurse but I think she knows. I’d like to think she feels the positive energy plus sees the great work that I do. She used to call the dorm phone all the time to check on me when I was a freshman in college, she was excited for me. I would get messages from my roommates saying that she called, a little embarrassing at the time maybe but also super cute and thoughtful. She looks over me now, she helps guide me on my nursing journey, she contributes to my growth, empathy and compassion for people. I take my time with patients because of her and I know she is proud of the person I am today. I still have her nursing cap and nursing pin too, my grandma Cherry pictured here in 1977.

much love,




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I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing from Florida Gulf Coast University with a post graduate focus in rehabilitation. I am currently working on my Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse Certification (CRRN).  

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