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Thank you Grandma Leona!

This is my paternal grandmother and such a doll she is. I credit some of my attitude plus my short and sweet blogging style now to her. On many occasions growing up I have memories of being called to the house phone to speak to family members or friends of my parents. Those moments always seemed like the longest, most awkward dreadful thing, to only ever last a few minutes. Of course my parents were fine and had no qualms about calling me to the phone, but I always thought it was a little weird every single time. I guess I was still working on those good ole communication skills. One thing is for certain, my Grandma Leona’s conversations were different from the rest, no matter the occasion. They were always packed with love, with purpose but they were also most definitely short and sweet, still are and it is always made me smile.

much love,




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I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing from Florida Gulf Coast University with a post graduate focus in rehabilitation. I am currently working on my Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse Certification (CRRN).  

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