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Welcome Welcome Y’all and Happy Twenty Twenty Two!

I am happy you are here and so happy to be at this point in time. The point of actually being able to write this blog for you and to be able to make all the awesome content that has been floating around in my head. It most certainly has been a challenge to slowly overcome and learn all the new skills necessary to function successfully as a small business plus still work FT during a pandemic but I appreciate every challenge nonetheless. I personally really needed this y’all. I needed to invest in myself, I needed another avenue to focus my energy, I needed to be creative again, I needed to put my professional knowledge to good use, I wanted to be a quality mentor and last but certainly not least I needed to connect with other people like me, even just a few. We are thriving in life y’all not just surviving, at least we try and that is the part that counts. Do not forget to give yourself a little bit of grace.

You will find my best here, highlighting different aspects of my nursing journey that will hopefully stand out for you in a positive way. We do good work and we do no harm. It's a vibe. All of my blog posts and documents are created with love and made with the best nursing practice in mind. The documents DO NOT replace your employment institutions policies and procedures. Use these documents instead as a tool for you to seek knowledge or motivation, build confidence, be productive and therefore successful at work. Please also make a point to read the “Disclaimers” tab of the website. It includes terms and conditions of reading the website, privacy policy for using your personal information, and also any monetary disclosures or affiliate marketing.

Not only will I be discussing everything nursing. I wanted to shine a light on the rehabilitation specialty of nursing because it is what I do best and it is often misunderstood. The patients I take care of have had a life changing injury or illness, they're recovering but are not quite ready to go home as they continue to require medical oversight or they need to improve their ability to care for themselves independently. This is where the rehabilitation part comes in. Nurses work as part of the multi disciplinary team to map out and perform a whole detailed plan of care for the patient. This nurse role is not unlike any other specialty but how the work actually manifests on the unit can often be a challenge. You need a little bit of finesse to manage everything well and this blog will help you get it! Follow @thezenRNeffect on social media to see another side of the blog -- I'm always sharing some beautiful FL sunshine!

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Hi Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing from Florida Gulf Coast University with a post graduate focus in rehabilitation. I am currently working on my Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse Certification (CRRN).  

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